The Norwex RV bug removal cloth is amazing

Norwex RV bug cloth

The Norwex RV bug cloth is amazing. The actual product is  called: Norwex Blue Kitchen Scrub Cloth; Antibacterial, Antimicrobial which you can order from Amazon by clicking the links below.

307001-Kitchen-Scrub-Cloth The Norwex RV bug removal cloth is amazing at removing bugs from the front of your RV. This is something that was recommended to us by another Entegra owner and it took us a while to actually find where we could get one and it’s brilliant at windshield bug removal

The Norwex RV bug removal cloth is amazing

Sometimes referred to as the RV bug cloth (as we like to call it) works like magic and will remove even the most stubborn bugs from the front of your RV and front screen without any scratches or marks and it makes washing your RV so much easier and lets face it we all want an easy life.
The only problem you will have is that you can’t seem to stop and want to keep cleaning things when you have this cloth. It truly is quite amazing.

Norwex RV bug removal cloth

We stumbled across this product when attending an Entegra RV rally where I spotted someone washing down the front of their Rv, it looked effortless. So I wandered over to ask what he was using. This is where I first saw this amazing product. After trying it on my own Rv I was amazed just how easy and completely scratch free the results was. I now use it for pretty much everything on the front of the Rv. I use it on the front windshield in conjunction with DI water and I get an absolutely fantastic result. It’s also great on the chrome work on your RV. The only problem I have is that I think I’ve lent it to someone and they didn’t return it. But I can’t remember who it was. So I’ll have to order another and this time I’ll keep it safetly locked up.