WiFiRanger EliteAC Pack

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A complete network with indoor accessibility and outdoor range, with the WiFiRanger EliteAC Pack ready to be mounted to a ladder, crank-up batwing antenna, or flagpole. Provide a secure, private network for all of your wireless computers and devices with the GoAC which also has several LAN ports for hardwiring computers and devices. The WiFiRanger EliteAC Pack then brings in otherwise weak WiFi from Hotspots in the area to get your entire network online. The indoor GoAC is dedicated to providing the secure network and also allows for USB tethering a 3G/4G Aircard or MiFi device. To power the WiFiRanger EliteAC Pack and interconnect it with the GoAC, its 30FT cable needs to run to the inside where the GoAC is stored, plugging into port 5 of the GoAC which has Power Over Ethernet (POE) output. Avoid drilling a hole for this cable by routing it to the inside through a refrigerator vent, slide, or engine compartment.
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