Installing RV LED Cup Holders

Installing RV LED Cup Holders

Installing the RV LED Cup Holders are such an easy upgrade to do and fairly inexpensive as well. If you look at the video below you will see how easy it is. The video shows us installing into a Entegra Anthem, but it would be fairly similar installing in other makes and year of RV. Ask a pre-sales question

The video below shows how to install the RV LED Cup Holders

To purchase this product in either green, blue or red can simple click here to go to our Amazon store


RV LED Cup Holders in Green
RV LED Cup Holders in Blue


These are a great addition to any RV or 5th wheel and they look great when illuminated. The actual wiring it fairly straight forward. The RV LED cup holders require a 12v supply. This can normally be taken from the side light suppy which powers the rest of the lights and switches on your switch panel or dashboard.

Please do not attempt this if you are not used to wiring as even 12v in the wrong hand could easily case a fire.



There are three colours available. Red, Blue & Green and all look absolutely stunning. This easy upgrade will add ambience to your RV, 5th wheel or travel trailer and is an inexpensive way to give your driving area a real up market feel.

To order simply click on the colour you require and this will take you to Amazon directly. We highly recommend this low priced quality product and we think you will be more than pleased with the result. Ask a pre-sales question

RV LED Cup Holders in Red

We love the use of LED’s and have installed quite a few both inside and outside our RV which we will feature separately, the difference they make is quite incredible.


by Bob seldon on Blank Product Name
DI Rinse 50 and 100

I initially purchase a the larger 100 for my motorhome, boat and utility trailer - it worked GREAT! Cut my wash time on the motorhome from 6 hours to 2 or so... Liked it so well that I purchased a 50 to keep at home for the cars and outside windows of our house. I highly recommend the product and as a bonus, Glenn is a gentleman to deal with!

by William Myers on Blank Product Name
Excellent video

I was just about to purchase the CR unit when late last night I stumbled upon your side by side comparison. So glad I saw it. Will be buying the bigger PRO 100. THANKS!

by Raymond Chavez on Blank Product Name
Great timing

Great timing I was getting ready to move forward on the cr spotless and now you did this video I like this new product.

by Nicole Barrett on Blank Product Name
It really works! saved me loads of time and effort

I am a pro window cleaner and I use a similar product to rinse the windows and yeah it really works! saves me loads of time and effort which means more windows washed in less time and more money for me with less effort! I also use it on my Air Stream and pick up! Thanks

by Jello Jello on Blank Product Name
Well worth the investment.

Ordered this and its worth every penny because of the hard water we have in Florida well worth the investment.

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