Wireless video microphone system

COMICA CVM-WM300 wireless microphone with dual-transmitter
COMICA CVM-WM300 rechargable body pack
COMICA CVM-WM300 cold shoe connection
COMICA CVM-WM300 strong construction
COMICA CVM-WM300 Dual wireless microphone with system with carry case

COMICA CVM-WM300 wireless microphone with dual-transmitter

We will are be using this product for all of our youtube videos.  I have to say the results so far are absolutely amazing and this product is half the price of the Sony equivalent product.

Here are some of the key points that made us choose the Comicom product:

  1. Great wireless range.
  2. 2 channel (2 x mics 1 x  receiver).
  3. Rechargeable batteries.
  4. Carry case for wireless transmitters and receivers.
  5. Excellent quality.
  6. Ease of use.
  7. Sturdy construction.
  8. Easy set up.
  9. Fantastic results.

Just check out some of the reviews that people have posted who have already purchased this great product.

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 10 reviews
It's a good option for video creators looking to get decent audio quality.

If you're a video creator, you probably know that audio quality is very important, so I've been using this new wireless lavalier microphone. This is a good choice as video creators want decent audio quality. The transmitter and receiver are made from a solid, smooth aluminum casing, which does make them a little heavy, but also very strong. I also like LCD monitors and easy-to-use menus. I can follow the setup guide and get the system up and running in minutes. Simply connect the Bluetooth microphone to the transmitter's microphone input, connect the 3.5mm cable to the receiver's output, then run the receiver's auto-scan to find the clearest channel, and finally run the matching function to connect the transmitter Pairing with receiver automatically. One of the things I recommend is that the receiver and transmitter use a rechargeable lithium battery that can really be used for a long time.

Love it

The new lav mics very close to my Sennheiser set. One of the first things I noticed was the build quality. It's very sturdy as needed for extensive use. The display is bright and response fast, although the navigation is a bit clumsy.One of the biggest features is probably the dual channel design can greatly improve our working efficiency.Speaking of the sound quality, compared to the more expensive Sennheiser G3 set, the Comica mic delivers great sound. It's not as clear, but definitely usable in a professional environment.Also the range was impressive at 120 meters outdoor and more than 80 meters and 6 walls indoor without any problems.

The sound quality of the microphone input is clear and no noise

Before it was useless, I was a little worried about the noise and the sound quality of the recording. After using it, I realized that I was wrong. The sound quality of the microphone input is clear and no noise, no crosstalk, the stereo sound is very strong. You can record very small sounds, as well as monitor them in real time. Function Settings are not difficult, and some of the more thoughtful features, such as automatic scanning, will automatically scan the best channels. There are many practical and convenient functions, the sound quality is very good, I am satisfied, it is worth purchasing.

That is really light about this microphone system

That is really light about this microphone system, first of all, I think the build quality is absolutely top-notch.This thing is made of metal materials and it really is comparable to a lot of the similar system.The second thing I really like is the carry case is absolutely made form very hard plastic so no doubt it to protect your microphone system and all its components.The third thing I really liked is it's not difficult to set up, I mean the menu is quite easy to use.The fourth thing I really liked is it looks like these units really power up for a very long time, I mean all the testing that we've done we receive the unit on battery level two out of three and it stayed on there and it stayed on there for a very long time and I only charged it once just to see how long it was gonna take to charge and that charging took less than an hour and all unit I've been using them since I haven't had a need to charge again. I really think the quality is good the audio quality from this set up is really good so I'll give it a thumbs up.

5.0 out of 5 starsThe microphone system is very nice

Metallic transmitters and receiver for comfortable touching. I’m so pleased with the microphone system. It is outstanding! Sound quality is impressive, ease of use can't be beaten.I use this lavalier microphone system for audio recording for videos, the voice is very clear.It uses the UHF technology for the microphone, which means less interference, and clarity. I can speak naturally at any distance (within reason) from the camera, and every word can be heard.Transmitter picks up your voice even when speaking very low. I have been receiving the product for a week, and its effect is much better than I expected. The transmitter and receiver have an awesome distance and sound quality. We were able to move around the room and never had distorted sound.

Quality audio & nice package

I like it because it delivers a nice rich sound from my vocal to the computer or whatever amp I am using.The setup of the microphone is very easy. What I do know is that as a professor and public speaker I often need microphones and I don't like relying on others for tech that might go wrong... so I picked up an inexpensive lavalier mic so that I can always be prepared. I'm happy to say that this was super easy to get set up and use. It's a good microphone that easily clips onto your collar. I stick the transmitter on my belt and the USB receiver just plugs right into the computer (which automatically downloads all the drivers). Like I said, super easy. The sound quality is pretty solid and the packaging is really nice. All around great mic that gets the job done.

Great purchase!

The CVM-WM300 wireless microphone is made of full-metal manufacturing, with excellent shielding. The quality of the cables and microphones are also great as they are tough and strong whilst being flexible and whilst providing great sound quality.The receiver and transmitter connect automatically when turned on and provide a strong link together without disconnecting, even over relatively long distances.the audio volume can be adjusted which helps when monitoring audio on the camera so that you don't have to use as much gain in editing.On the receiver and transmitter, there is also a headphone port which can be used to monitor audio from the transmitter or receiver. You can use this to check audio levels and to just check if the microphone is working.The microphone has minimal noise and distortion. The audio quality is great.The connection is also strong over long distances which works well for people who want to record audio remotely whilst filming different shots.The receiver has a hot shoe and tripod mount for mounting with the hot shoe mount being most useful as it can easily clip onto the camera and then be locked into place using the screw.Overall this microphone is a great purchase for anyone wanting to improve their audio quality whilst remaining portable and agile.

Highly recommend!

Recently bought this unit to go along with my Sony RX10 M2. So easy to setup and really nice sound quality. I first reduce camera sound down and set up the Comica at plus 10DB. Which sounded good but I then went to 0DB on the Comica and plus 5 on the camera. I got perfect levels and no hissing...however....I started getting interference. a steady pitch noise while talking. I thought it was my wifi or something similar doing it. After testing and more testing it turned out to be my adjustment of the camera audio. I reduced it to 1 and put the Comica back at +10 and all is good.So...if someone tries this system (which I highly recommend) listen to Caleb and turn your camera audio down as far as it will go. Use the Comica to increase volume.

Great Wireless Audio Solution!

VERY impressed by the build quality. Once I figured out the best settings to use the audio quality was great as well. Super easy to pair the recievers. Definitely a solid product. Check out my video review.

Great sound

These provide clear and reliable sound. The display on each unit tells important information such as sound level and channel. They would have received 5 stars if they were smaller and lighter.