Best compact RV water softener

We have worked closely with the a company who have been in the water filtration for well over 40 years and have put together what we believe to be the best compact RV water softener for an RV industry. The company who have assisted us has every possible certification for water filtration available. So lets refer to them as “our experts” (which lets face it, compared to most that are).

The best compact RV water softener does include a small compact brine tank but does not have the complicated auto re-gen, as we mentioned before is fairly useless if you are moving from state to state.

We have put together a system that incorporates a small brine tank and a choice of resin cylinder to suit your RV.  But how do you know what size of tank is best for you? Good question.

We have put together an easy system size calculator so that you can see how often you would need to perform the re-gen process.  So all you will need is the following information:

  • Enter the TDS of the water in the area you are in (yes we know this will vary but base it on where you are now)
  • How many gallons of water do you use per day as a total (inc drinking, toilets, showers, cooking etc) The average is 80 gallons per person
  • Then choose the size of unit based on grains / model number  (we’ll explain later what this means)
  • You will then see the frequency in days that you will require to Re-Gen your water softener.